How to write great sales copy

How to write great sales copy

24/04/2014 10:02:57
What’s in it for me? 

If you’re trying to sell something to somebody then they need to know, sharpish, exactly what’s in it for them. You need attention-grabbing sales copy, so here are our top tips to get you started.

1. What’s your problem?

Your product or service has been designed to solve a particular problem or issue that your customers face. They may not know they have this problem, in which case you’ll need to let them know that they do. Or they may need reminding their life is more difficult due to this problem.

Make sure your headline and opening paragraphs address the problem.

2. If only…

Encourage your readers to see life without this problem – could they work faster, make more profit, deliver better customer service?

Focus on the benefits, not the features, of your product or service.

3. What’s new about your solution?

Now is the time to explain what is new and different about what you have to offer, how it can help them to finally overcome the problem and reap the benefits you’ve identified.

4. Do this

You’ve set out the problem, painted a picture of what life could be like if only the problem would go away, and demonstrated that your product is the true solution.

Now tell them to buy it.

Really. Don’t be shy about this. Tell people exactly what you want them to do. Do you want them to sign up, give you their email address, press the buy button, ring you? Whatever it is, make it clear.

So whether it’s copy for a website, advert or brochure, the principles and techniques are the same. 

It will take practice and time, but get it right and the rewards are plentiful.

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