Become an employer of choice

Attracting talent is currently one of the biggest challenges facing SMEs. How do you stand out from the crowd as an employer of choice? How do you stack up against the competition in a job search? Is it easy to see why people should come and work for you rather than others in your field? We’ll help you build your employer brand through strategic PR activity that will attract the talent you want in your team. 

What are the benefits of a strong employer brand?

Being seen as an employer of choice is key to attracting the right people to come and work in your business. Being clear about who you are as an organisation, what you stand for, and communicating this in the right places will help you attract people who share your company values and are a great fit for your business. 

Even if you do nothing proactively to cultivate and nurture it, you have a reputation as an employer. Whether it’s among current employees or people who’ve worked for your business in the past – they will all have a view on what your organisation is like as a workplace. 

The role of PR is not to tell you what your company values or culture should be, what salaries you should pay, or what career development opportunities you should offer. A recruitment-led PR strategy will consider everything you’re doing in your business that encourages good people to come - and to stay - and help you tell those stories in all the right places outside the business, too. 

In turn, this will help you attract the right talent into your business, save you money on recruitment fees, support your growth ambitions and build a productive and stable workforce of brand advocates.   
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Building a strong employer brand
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"By helping us tell our story to audiences across the north of England, the campaign is also encouraging would-be employees to pick up the phone and contact us. It is helping us attract exactly the kind of people we’re looking for to achieve our growth ambitions." JMG Group