Content marketing

Building great relationships with your customers is about much more than selling them quality products or services. The best relationships are so much more than transactional, and these are the ones which will stand the test of time.

We can help you connect with your audiences on a much deeper level, a level that will see them not only become customers for life, but powerful advocates as well.

Time spent building meaningful relationships with your customers, and potential customers, is time well spent. We can help you find ways of connecting with your audiences outside of your usual transactional routes, by creating useful and usable content, aligned to your business objectives.
Content strategy
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SEO and keyworrds
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Multimedia content
Blog content
Content strategy

Content strategy

Finding the right mix of content for your brand starts with your business strategy, objectives and values. We can help you establish what you have to say, and to whom, and where they already go to find information about your products or services. We can then work with you to build a bespoke content strategy spanning all of your channels, which supports your business goals.

SEO and keywords

Creating content which drives traffic to your website is one of the main aspects of content marketing, and it focuses on both content within your website, and content outside of it, from your social media channels for example.

The best thing is that you’re totally in control of these areas so you can create content which you know your customers want to see, and what potential customers are searching for, and talking about, based on data and analytics.   
SEO and keywords

Multimedia content

There’s nothing great photos or videos can’t improve, so we’re here to hook you up with the best in the business. Whether your content needs high quality stock images, or you have products which need to be photographed or filmed in a studio environment or in-situ, we can help.

We’re pros at working with creatives to create eye grabbing images of even the most mundane products, and we’re pretty good at making people look great too. We all know how engaging video content is, and we’re here to help with that too, and we promise, it’s not as scary or expensive as you think it is.
Multimedia content
Thought leadership

Blogs and opinion pieces

With any business there’s a lot more to say to customers than how great your products or services are and ‘people buy people’, so it’s time to show your face, and get your voice heard.

Blogs, podcasts, thought and opinion pieces can all offer your customers something extra, and help you build better relationships with them.

Working with you, we can identify the areas you lead in and where the opportunities lie to become the voice of your industry. 

Case studies

Jean-Louis Gassée hit the nail on the head when he said "Advertising is saying you're good. PR is getting someone else to say you're good."

We'll help you capture valuable customer stories and testimonials, whether that's in writing or on video, to give your business that all-important seal of approval from the people who know. 

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"Partners helped get our message clear, and consider all of our audiences. Thanks to them, the PR was a great success. It was certainly money well spent."
Jonathan Marsden
The Technology Group
"The work Partners does for us has played a vital part in establishing our brand and reputation in the region, and continues to be fundamental in driving the growth of the business."
James Baird
Dynamic Networks Group
We’ve been impressed with the Partners Group’s strategic approach which has helped us to clarify our market positioning and future growth strategy.
Adam Gillard
Cutwel Ltd
"The Partners Group has taken our brand to the next level and helped my business achieve at least 25% growth every year."
Ian Short
Morley Glass & Glazing
"The PR campaign is helping us attract the people we’re looking for to achieve our growth ambitions. It's also helping us make significant savings on recruitment fees."
Nick Houghton
JM Glendinning