Why “crisis communications and PR” is a match made in heaven

22/02/2024 09:46:48
Why do crisis communications and PR go hand in hand? This is one of our most asked questions, and while within the complex world of business, most people recognise the need to communicate with stakeholders and clients during a crisis, it’s surprising just how many people get it wrong.

With the rise of digital platforms and social media, today’s business environment looks radically different. As it continues to evolve, and customers become more tech savvy, businesses face a new challenge of maintaining public perception.
Your reputation and what people say about your business is paramount to success. Bad publicity could jeopardise and undo that very reputation you have spent years building and significantly impact your bottom line.  

PR nightmares are sometimes impossible to see coming, and more challenging to prevent, which is why we recommend that crisis communication planning forms part of your overall PR strategy. Historically, crisis communications and PR may seem like two separate disciplines, but the two are inextricably linked, working hand in hand to safeguard your reputation during a crisis.

Whether it’s a product recall, social media backlash, or a high-profile legal issue, the need for an effective PR strategy has become more crucial than ever. In the event of a crisis, public relations can help to protect your reputation, control the narrative, and stop the potential spread of misinformation.
Reputation management and PR are the perfect match
Be prepared

What forms a crisis communications plan?

Before looking at why an effective PR campaign should include a crisis communications plan, it helps to understand exactly what they entail.

A crisis communications plan is a strategic document that details any potential risks, including natural disasters, cybersecurity breaches, and product recalls that might impact your business, to highlight the procedures, responsibilities, and actions to be taken by an organisation in response to a crisis.  

In the event of a crisis, communication is key and that is where PR comes in. Besides being expert storytellers, PR professionals are experts at getting messages across and navigating the fallout from a crisis and this is why public relations and crisis management go hand in hand.

What will a PR and crisis management expert actually do?

Effective communications require a measured response, which is not always possible when you are the one in the eye of the storm. Your public relations expert will know exactly what to do to protect your company’s reputation and manage the narrative for a more favourable outcome.

Public relations professionals will continually monitor the situation from both a client and media perspective to control the flow of information and stop the spread of misinformation that could make the situation worse.

From there, we can craft any required communications to inform any relevant parties of the situation and control the narrative with the flow of positive news stories to disarm the story.

The rise of the internet means information, including negative press is easily accessible. While negative stories cannot be removed completely, an effective PR strategy can respond to and counter-balance negative stories to ensure your company is reflected in the best possible way.

Once the situation is in hand, PR can then issue more positive news stories and thought leadership pieces to help your company harbour and maintain trust.
There may be trouble ahead
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