Finding your perfect match

26/02/2019 09:33:50
We hear it a lot: businesses are struggling to find the right people to help them realise their growth ambitions. 
Often, those businesses are also missing a trick. One that will help get the right kind of people knocking on their door, rather than having to go out and find them. Yes, you guessed it: PR.
Our PR campaign for insurance group JM Glendinning is helping their team attract the right kind of people to support the company’s growth plans. It has also significantly reduced their recruitment costs. But a lot of businesses we speak to haven’t considered the role PR can play in a recruitment strategy. 
If you’re embarking on a recruitment drive, here’s how to get PR working for you:
Take stock: What does your company’s reputation say to prospective new employees? Would someone browsing your website or social media feeds see your business as a great place to work? Are your current employees advocates for your business or brand?
Know your audience: No doubt you will have spent time drawing up job specs, so you’ll know the essential and desirable skills you’re looking for. But what about values? Have you made sure the values that underpin your business are reflected in your job specifications? The more you understand about the kind of people who will fit well into your business and the characteristics you’re looking for, the easier it will be to target them.
Get the message right: Do you know what makes your business a great place to work? If not, find out. Ask your existing team what attracted them to the company when they joined, why they like about working there and what they enjoy most about their job. Making sure these things are reflected in your external messaging will help you attract the people who will fit best into your business and team.
Is there anybody there? I’m sure most business owners think their company is a brilliant place to work. So why aren’t people hammering at the door to join? Start by asking yourself whether people outside your business would agree with you. Do prospective employees know that your company exists, and are you making sure you’re visible to them, wherever they are? You might be promoting fantastic roles, but are you promoting them in places where your target audience will see them? Think about where those people are likely to be, which websites they’re browsing, the publications they’re reading, the events they’re attending, any social media channels they’re actively using...the list goes on. Your PR strategy should then be focused on getting your messages in those places and in front of those people.
Build your brand: If your business is a great place to work, shout about it. Tell people about the perks you offer, career progression opportunities, why you are different. Talk about what it’s like working in your business: consider adding a careers section to your website that goes beyond posting current vacancies to help give people a feel for what life is like there. Use video to bring your business to life and share career development stories from your team.
Honesty is the best policy: It’s vital that whatever you are saying about your business stands up to scrutiny. Telling everyone what a great employer you are when your social media channels are littered with complaints or employee reviews on Glassdoor say otherwise is not going to get you anywhere. Conversely, if you’re winning Employer of the Year awards left right and centre, your Glassdoor reviews are glowing and current employees are singing your praises, would-be employees are far more likely to be reassured.
Cast the net further: PR can help amplify your recruitment messages. Posting a role on your website is one thing. Using social media to share that information with your wider network will help get the word out even further. Often, someone in your network will know someone who fits the bill. And because they know you and your business, they will invariably pass on the job details with words of endorsement to a would-be employee. But if they don’t know you’re recruiting in the first instance...
PR has an invaluable role to play in helping you recruit top talent in a competitive market. Find out how it’s helping JM Glendinning achieve their growth ambitions here, then get in touch to find out how we can help you do the same.