Five reasons to enter awards

Five reasons to enter awards

24/06/2015 12:59:43
There’s nothing quite like being presented with an award for business, innovation, customer service, staff development or your commitment to your local community. But there’s much more to entering than just attending the award ceremony and basking in the glory.

Here are five business benefits to entering awards:

  1. Reward and motivate you and your team: entering awards sends a message to your team that their achievements are worth shouting about – and being shortlisted is a huge boost to company morale.
  1. Build customer trust and confidence
: an award is a mark of quality that sets you apart from your competitors and proves your corporate credentials. It’s an independent endorsement that can help you attract new customers, partners, investors and talent.
  1. Grow your profile and reach: winning an award (or just being shortlisted) is a fantastic PR and marketing opportunity that gives you the chance to tell your story and share your success.
  1. Benchmarking: the award tells the judges and your industry that you are the best of the best – and a company worth doing business with.
  1. Networking: attend the awards ceremony, celebrate
 and certainly bask in the glory – but also see it as a networking opportunity, take clients if it’s appropriate and also start building new relationships.

Here at The Partners Group we can help you identify the best awards for your business, write successful award entries and work with you to maximize the PR potential.

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