Why does Coca-Cola still advertise?

26/03/2013 09:13:08
Surely everyone knows what Coca-Cola is, don’t they?  If you popped out onto the street now and asked ten people “What’s Coca-Cola?” it’s pretty unlikely you’d be met with any blank expressions.

Why then is Coca-Cola the seventh-largest advertiser in the world (according to Ad Age magazine)? 

Yes, it does have more to its range than what we’d typically say is Coke or Diet Coke.  So in that sense the company does need to advertise its lesser known drinks, or developments like new pack sizes, special offers and promotions.  But does that really justify spending $2.7 billion on advertising?

We always maintain that the most successful advertising and PR campaigns are those that run continuously, are highly targeted and sensibly funded. Of course, as a company that benefits from longer term contracts we would say that wouldn’t we? 

Sustained marketing = long term success

But Coca-Cola’s continued huge spend on advertising alone is a useful reminder that the world’s most successful brands don’t turn their campaigns on and off when it suits them.  The two factors must be linked: a sustained marketing communications campaign = long term success.

In tough economic times there are always pressures on marketing budgets – but when it comes to marketing and your reputation, keeping your brand and organisation visible in your target markets really has to be a priority.

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