Five LinkedIn features you might not know about

30/03/2022 15:21:05

While some complain that it has become “more Facebook” in recent years, LinkedIn remains the most popular social network for business relationships and is still a great way to help build your personal and corporate brand. Although it generally lags behind its peers Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, the platform is still evolving – albeit at a slower pace. 

Here are a few features you may wish to explore further to enhance your networking and content sharing activities.

1.    QR Connections
2.    LinkedIn Stories
3.    LinkedIn Polls
4.    Video Meetings
5.    Notify employees

QR Connections

Did you know that every LinkedIn user has a unique QR code? To find yours, make sure you are using the most up to date version of the LinkedIn app, hit the Seach bar at the top, and tap the QR code. Save the code to your photos or share it via messages or apps, and you’re ready to start connecting.

LinkedIn Stories

Currently only available to Premium users, LinkedIn Stories are 10-second videos or graphics that last for just 24 hours. Similar to stories on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram, they appear at the top of your feed and can be an engaging alternative for sharing your updates.

LinkedIn polls

If you haven’t seen a LinkedIn poll yet, lucky you! Designed to help users crowdsource market insights, opinions, and customer preferences from their network, they have been widely used (some might say too widely) by many. The voting tool allows you to offer between two and four options, with space for “other” feedback in post comments. Done well, it could help you to generate interest and engagement. Done badly, a lot of your followers will simply switch off and not engage. Our advice would be to use them sparingly: LinkedIn poll fatigue is real!

Video meetings on LinkedInVideo meetings

We’ve all spent the last two years mastering Zoom and Microsoft Teams, and now you can add LinkedIn video meetings to your skill set.  You can create a video meeting through the Messaging function and have the option of an instant meeting or scheduling a meeting for later. It’s quick and easy to set up and may be a viable alternative, particularly on mobile devices if you don’t have a video meeting app installed.

Notify employees

A challenge in the internal communications world can be involving the whole team with social media, particularly if some of your team is still working remotely. Now you can quickly notify employees about new posts on your company page. Ideally, they will then engage with the update by liking, commenting or sharing them with their own connections to help to enhance reach and engagement with your content. In our experience it can be hit and miss but, when it works, it’s a useful internal communications tool for the people in your team who are active LinkedIn users. 


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