Why news releases are no longer just for the media

28/05/2013 12:20:49

News releases are just one small part of what PR's all about. The outcome of writing a press release isn't just about seeing it appear in print anymore.

  • Stories featuring the right keywords running on online news sites with links back to your website can play an important part in wider SEO campaigns;
  • Publishing them on your website helps deliver the fresh content Google is looking for to boost your search engine positioning;
  • Turning a story into a video news release can really bring it to life (and also help your Google rankings);
  • You can repurpose it for a newsletter or blog, giving it an even wider audience; and
  • You can point people to the story and the coverage it generates via social networks.

But it all starts with having a good story to tell and finding a newsworthy angle. Take a look at our slideshare presentation that tells you more about writing good quality news releases that journalists will want to use.

If you need help to find, tell or share your story we can help.

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