Websites need great content

The importance of great content

04/09/2017 15:41:52
What’s the number one thing that slows down the delivery of web projects? According to Martin Oates from Leeds digital agency, pixelbuilders, it’s getting the content together. Here, he shares his thoughts on speeding things up by working with professional content writers like us, and why great website content is so important.
One question we get asked as a digital agency at the kick-off of nearly every web project is “In terms of deadlines, what’s likely to slow us down?” The answer, always, is “content”. It really is amazing how often content is overlooked by a client in terms of a new website project, we find content is seen as “easy to do, it’s only a few words, it won’t take that long…”
Irrespective of the resource and timeframe impact, one of the key things being missed here is the importance of ‘good’ or, even better, ‘great’ content. That’s why we like to work with professional content creators. Using professionals on the content side, just like using professionals to build the website, is what really gets the ROI up on a new website.
This is because content is a key ingredient to the success of your website. It performs two key roles; firstly from an SEO aspect and, secondly, from a customer conversion point of view.

Content really is king

 A phrase that’s been banded around in SEO circles for a few years now is ‘Content is King’ and, in reality, it really is. From an organic search performance there are many ranking metrics that are content related; keyword density, content quality, site wide keyword theme to name just a few. Professional content authors recognise this and weave in (without being overly obvious) SEO techniques throughout their content.

If you’re writing your own content in house are you really paying as much attention to the keyword density as you should be?

Increase conversion rates

From a conversion point of view, content can be the difference between getting a sale and that sale going to your competitor. They’ve found your site (your PR and marketing is working), they’ve found the service/product they want (your website is working) but they’re overcome by jargon or don’t find enough to push them to click ‘enquire’ – your content has failed.

Stay on brand

Also, it’s important not to forget how important tone of voice is as part of your brand. You’ve probably fretted over colours, logo use and imagery – ensuring it’s all on brand and represents who and what you are in the best possible way. Content is just as important as part of your brand and, if we’re being honest, it’s probably the bit that your customers are most closely focussing on when they visit your website.
These are all reasons why we love to work with teams like The Partners Group. In a recent project we worked on jointly with Partners for Leeds-based Dynamic Networks Group, the website was delivered on time to the exact day planned for, the client had all the content prepared for them, the content entry part of the project was done in under a week and the immediate impact since go live has been an increase in all the key website metrics. Content really is king.
Martin Oates is a director at pixelbuilders, an award-winning digital agency based in Leeds that creates high quality digital solutions for leading brands; helps them engage with visitors, improve online sales and target new customers.

We do love getting stuck in to a website copywriting project. So if a lack of great content is holding up the delivery of your new website we’d love to help.

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