It's never a 'ruff' day at Partners

“Having dogs in the office encourages people to take a break from their desks and screens for a quick game of tug of war with the dog, or to take them for a walk, which is great for wellbeing.”


Partners PR welcomed four legged companions to the office this week as the team took part in Bring Your Dog to Work Day. The day, which is in its sixth year, is organised by HOWND with the aim of promoting dog welfare and the benefits of pet ownership.
Bring your dog to work day

In many workplaces, some degree of stress is inevitable. However, studies show that dogs can help lower stress levels and improve productivity and job satisfaction. Pets can help to create a comfortable work environment that helps to counterbalance on-the-job tension. Add in how adorable dogs can be, and their excitement when they greet you, and it makes sense that having them around the office can be a mood booster.
That’s certainly been the case at Partners, where director Karen Tinkler’s dog, Connie, was part of the team for many years. Her puppy, Flo (above left), joined Partners in April last year.
“A lot of people think that having a dog in the office can be a distraction and, while that can occasionally be true - particularly when Flo was younger - the benefits outweigh the initial novelty,” Karen says.
“We’ve certainly found that having dogs in the office is a conversation starter around the building. It also encourages people to take a break from their desks and screens for a quick game of tug of war with the dog, or to take them for a lunchtime walk, which is great for wellbeing.”
Branding and design agency United by Design and rail contractor CML Civil Engineering also have offices at 105 The Mount, the home of Partners PR. Both businesses also have canine members in their teams - Stanley (centre) and Nancy (right) - who occasionally drop in and spend a day at the office.
“We know dogs aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but our team and tenants are very dog friendly and enjoy visits from Flo, Nancy and Stanley,” Karen adds. “They're not in the office every day, and if we have people visiting who aren’t fans then we make sure the dogs aren’t here or stay out of the way.
“For us, it’s been a very positive experience. Some clients bring their four-legged friends with them to meetings at our office, certain suppliers only visit on days they know there’ll be a dog in the office, and many clients ask how Flo is before they ask how I am!”
Established in 2014, Bring Your Dog To Work Day is an annual, nationwide event that raises money for charities dedicated to making a difference to the welfare of dogs.

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