Partners joins #ExportExperts

The Partners team joined forces with our international PR network partners this month for a webinar to help Polish businesses prepare for export. 

Organised by iPR Team network members Personal PR in partnership with the GdaƄsk Enterprise Foundation, the webinar brought together export specialists and PR experts to share their experience and market knowledge. 

Global entrepreneur and speaker Mike Korba told the story of marketing and automation software business, which has successfully built a global B2B model and brand. His talk was followed by a series of videos from IPR Team partners in the UK, Benelux, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, each sharing market insights into the culture, society, economy, trends and media in different European markets with advice on building a brand in these markets.  

The seminar was attended by micro, small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs setting out on their export journey, alongside more experienced exporters seeking to expand their knowledge of building a brand in global markets.   
Partners’ senior account executive Joe Richardson (right) gave an overview of the UK B2B media landscape and shared advice on the tools and support materials needed to start building a presence for a new brand in the UK. 

Organiser Karolina Janik, founder of Personal PR and Marketing, said, “Over 70 people joined the webinar, and we had lots of questions and interaction, which says to me that there is an appetite for knowledge around export and building profile overseas. It was fantastic to bring our iPR Team network partners together for this event and I am sure we will collaborate again on similar events in the future.”  

  Watch the video here  

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