When the firm meets the farmyard

27/04/2022 12:58:32
One of our core values is working in partnership with our clients: it is in the company name after all. To truly achieve this, we find it is essential to fully understand the ‘what, why and how’ that drives their businesses. This is how we recently found ourselves in wellies, on a farm, during lambing season…

As a PR and marketing firm, we are here to help get the key messages of a business out to the right audiences. It stands to reason that the more we know about the business, the more we can understand what those messages are, and the better job we can do together. It is important to us to invest time to really immerse ourselves to get that deep insight and do the very best job for our clients. 

One of those clients is Silvery Tweed Cereals, who have been with us for ten years but have recently added to their business model - that addition being a working farm. Ready to prove that PR is not all suits and meeting rooms, we donned our best country attire and headed up the east coast for a visit and, for some of us, a deep learning experience!

We received a tour of the fields, talking through the life cycle of crops and how they are cultivated. The next stop was the farm buildings and animal sheds, where we were advised of the processes and management, as well as making a few farmyard friends… 

Our assistance with lambing was not required, but we were committed to getting involved if the occasion called for it, and we did get the opportunity to feed some of the newborns!
Although this all sounds like a fun day out (which we admit it was), our team learnt invaluable insights into how the business works at the ground level. To physically see the cyclical nature of the farm behind the business, gave us that ‘how’ and ‘why’ background to understand what the company’s messaging should be and what direction would be best for us to take in its promotion.

   lambhay bales
Wherever possible, we do this with all our clients to get the best results from our partnership. We’ll be the first to put on a lab coat and glasses to tour a factory or laboratory, witnessing incredible technologies in action. And there have been more hair (and beard) nets worn for visiting our food manufacturing partners than the photographic evidence might suggest…but it is not about the dressing up. It is about becoming part of the fabric of the company that matters to us.

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