A day in the life of a PR Account Manager

01/02/2024 15:25:29

Say hello to Partners PR’s Joe Richardson

Regardless of whether I start the day working from home, in the office or on a train heading to a client meeting, my day as a PR account manager always starts with a coffee, checking through emails and making sure that my to-do list is updated, and the day’s priority jobs are highlighted.

9:30am: time for a PR agency catch-up 

The 9.30 team call is always a good chance to catch up with everyone at Partners, have a bit of a chat and find out what everyone is working on. We often use this time to talk over any PR ideas we may have had for clients, share wins and, if someone needs help with a piece of work we can talk it over and help out.

10am: on our way to meet Silvery Tweed Cereals

Once the team meeting is over, I’m hopping on my bike to cycle across York to the station. There I meet with Partners director, Karen and senior account executive, Ellie. Together, we make up the account team for our client, Silvery Tweed Cereals. There’s just enough time to grab another coffee and get to the platform for our train arriving. 

Once on the train, I get my laptop out and attempt to log on to the train’s wi-fi so I can check for emails and have a chat with Karen and Ellie about the meeting, chat about any other client work that we have on and generally have a catch-up. As a PR account manager, I am responsible for the day-to-day running of a number of client accounts. This includes writing copy for features, advertorials, websites and social media, as well as managing budgets, booking adverts, arranging meetings and obtaining the best media coverage possible for press releases etc. I will also work with the senior account executives to make sure that work is delivered on time and up to the standards that we set. 

I’m working on a feature article for a client at the moment and have answers to questions I asked the technical department. I’ll spend the rest of the journey working on that so I can send it back for approval and then on to the editor.

12.30pm: time to feed the lambs

We are met at the station by Bob Gladstone, Silvery Tweed MD. Bob drives us to the farm that Silvery Tweed has recently added to its business. We are there to take a tour so we can gather the information needed to build a webpage and use in a press release for the media.

As well as hearing about how the farm ties into the business, a definite career highlight was getting to feed the lambs. Bob fills us in on all the details of what the farm brings to the business and the benefits it brings to Silvery Tweed customers. We head for lunch and talk through the agenda we have so we can capture more information for upcoming PR campaigns, newsletters, blogs and social media posts.

While we are there, we are shown the new seedcleaning plant that Silvery Tweed has invested in and we capture some images to go with a press release about that opening. 

Joe Rihardson, PR account manager, Partners PR with lamb

3pm: bouncing around creative PR ideas

Bob drops us back at the train station and it is another wrestle with the train wi-fi to catch up with emails. Karen, Ellie and I bounce around creative ideas we have for Silvery Tweed and other clients as we head back to York. Teams meetings are all well and good, but you cannot beat time together for coming up with ideas and developing them fully. 

After cycling home, I put together the action report from today’s meeting and send it over to Karen and Ellie for them to add anything to before it goes to the client. I try to do this as soon as possible after a meeting while all the information is fresh in my head. I also schedule a PR account team meeting so that the tasks can be shared out.

Before finishing work for the day, I will check my emails one final time and write out a fresh to-do list so that I am ready for the next day. After that, it’s time to switch off, cook some food and relax for the evening.


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