“Crisis is a reset button to change the way you do things.”

Michelle Goodall from Access Intelligence

Six PR trends for 2021

03/03/2021 19:51:03
Investment in research, the value of data, and the acceptance of more 'rough and ready' video footage were some of the trends identified at the PRCA 2021 PR trends panel event this month.
Partners Director Monica Green attended the virtual event hosted by the PR industry’s trade body, and shares some of the trends most relevant to our clients.

Six PR trends for 2021
1. Self-filming and Zoom interviews

Over the last year it has become commonplace for people to take videos of themselves from home for website and social media content, and to deliver media interviews via video. This more 'rough and ready' content has become more accepted and this trend will continue for as long as the pandemic is rife.
2. Humanising key spokespeople

Also, as a result of remote working and more time spent video calls, we are seeing inside people’s homes and getting a glimpse into their lifestyles. This is no bad thing, and helps to humanise business leaders, making them more accessible to a wider audience
3. Finding shared values

We are all experiencing a shared experience with the COVID-19 pandemic and there is a trend towards people wanting to help where they can. The bigger issues such as supporting your local community, being more sustainable and focusing on health issues are connecting people with the same motivations. 
4. Investment in research

Research has always been a key area of PR, particularly when you are trying to change audience behaviour or perceptions. In a rapidly changing world, there is a growing appetite for businesses to bettter understand their customers and the choices they make in their buying decisions, making research key.
5. The value of data

Panellist Michelle Goodall from Access Intelligence said: “Crisis is a reset button to change the way you do things.” She commented on how data shapes PR campaigns: using audience intelligence and behavioural insights to shape messaging and produce relevant and impactful content that will deliver results. If you haven’t focused on data in the past, now is the time to recognise its potential.

6. PR’s role in creating data

Adrian Ma of Fanclub PR suggested that one of the benefits of PR is its ability to create data, praising its power and cost-effectiveness. He discussed the way in which PR professionals are well-practised in identifying the issues and news that attract audience interest, as we are used to packaging content for journalists with high news thresholds.  This "nose for news" helps us generate good quality, engaging content for wider PR and marketing activity such as blog posts, websites and emarketing campaigns. And it is via these "owned" media channels that businesses can obtain data such as email addresses, for retargeting, lead generation and further sales and marketing.
The PRCA event explored a wide range of emerging trends impacting public relations and communications practice in 2021. Speakers included Vikki Chowney, H&K Strategies; Rohan Shah, Reuben Sinclair; Michelle Goodall, Access Intelligence; Adrian Ma, Fanclub PR; Shayoni Lynn, Lynn PR; and Stephen Waddington, Wadds Inc. The event can be seen in full on the PRCA YouTube channel.

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