Always the bridesmaid

Four reasons why PR people are always the bridesmaid

21/05/2015 13:03:08
At Partners, we’re used to not taking the spotlight.

Here are four reasons why we’re always the bridesmaid, and never the bride…
  1. We’re with you from the start

From the first stages of a project or campaign right through to completion, we’re here to support your plans and make suggestions along the way. We can even do some of the planning for you. That’s why we make time to build good relationships with the people we work with – so we can be an extension of your team as and when you need us.
  1. You can confide in us

A bride will always have her best mate to turn to when things aren’t going according to plan or it’s all getting a bit stressful. We understand that even the best laid plans sometimes don’t go right. We’re calm in a crisis, and we know what to do and what to say. Trust us, and together we can turn a problem into an opportunity.
  1. We work hard behind the scenes

Weddings always have a few bumps along the way – and the bride hardly ever gets to hear about them. Whether the wrong flowers have been delivered, or the cake has collapsed, the bridesmaid is usually the one on the phone sorting out the problem. Good PR people make sure that any hiccups are handled so that you don’t have to sweat the small stuff.
  1. It’s your big day, not ours

Whether it’s a contract win, a new staff member, an award or a successful event – the story is all about you. We’ll never take the credit for your success. Our aim is to make sure you shine by supporting with great PR. We’re in the background, ensuring all eyes are on you.

So let’s raise a toast to you, and your business.

You’ll probably never see the work that goes on behind the scenes, making sure that everything is just right. And we think it should stay that way. Cheers!

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