Creating a credible brand story

Messaging is an integral part of any organisation’s PR programme. The messages that you communicate with your PR and wider marketing activity need to reflect the values and strengths of your business whilst resonating with your target audiences.

The first step in a messaging workshop is to develop a deeper understanding of your target audiences and customer groups – segmenting them into different categories and creating avatars to really refine the messages and tone of voice that will inspire and engage them.
Core values
Customer avatars
Authentic stories
Tone of voice

Communicating key messages

The workshop is the time to develop powerful messages and identify authentic stories about your business. During the workshop we will determine how your customers see your brand using data such as online reviews, customer research and your own experiences.

It’s important that you know what your customers (and other stakeholders) think about you: what they consider to be your strengths and weaknesses, your points of differentiation, what they value, and why they buy from you.

Ideally, there won’t be a huge different between your customers’ viewpoints and your own. But if there is, then we can help. We will create a plan to enhance, change or influence how you are perceived by the people that matter to your business.
Core values
Message workshoip

Competitor research

It’s also important to understand who your main competitors are, what they are offering and how their messaging differs from yours.

We will review your competitors’ messaging, identify your own USPs, and tailor your own messaging accordingly.

What you will receive

Messaging will not only describe your offering but also address misconceptions and issues facing the business.

At the end of the messaging workshop, you will receive a document that will detail the key messages that represent your company’s core values, mission, unique features and strengths. The messages can then be referred to when creating all internal and external communications including your website, marketing materials, digital marketing, PR, advertising and more, ensuring a consistent and credible brand story.

If you’d like to discuss a bespoke messaging workshop with us, contact us today.

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