A Day in the life of a PR Account Executive at Partners PR

29/04/2024 15:18:47

Say "hello" to Partners PR’s Ellie Bilton

So, what do I actually do all day?

Well, firstly, I have found there is no such thing as a ‘normal day’ in PR and I’d argue especially for a senior PR account executive! There is such a breadth of tasks that may fall on your desk, in support of your clients and your colleagues. One day I will be designing a graphic for social media about a key machine part, and the next day I might be feeding a lamb on its first day earthside for a blog piece…  

For the sake of argument… here is what I will usually get up to in a day ‘at my desk’. 
Ellie Bilton, PR Account Executive, Partners PR

Starting off correctly – coffee and social media. 

Regardless of whether I am in the Partners PR office or working from home, my day starts with a coffee and a survey of the emails I have received since I was last online. I like to try to be abreast of any new information or requests that have come in, so I can plan my day accordingly. I also check any social media accounts we monitor for notifications and activity that may need dealing with immediately. 

I then make a list of tasks that are on the go, usually by client, sometimes by urgency, and sometimes both. Certain tasks within PR perform best at particular times of the day. For example, if I have a press release to send to the regional or trade media, I will send this in the morning when editors are more likely to be at their desks planning their next edition (probably also drinking coffee).

Social media campaigns are quite a big portion of my role. I usually plan out socials in advance to fit client objectives, but also may have ad hoc or topical posts to draft and put out as the news agenda develops. I often source imagery and create graphics to accompany social media posts and encourage engagement. I then monitor these posts daily and evaluate the performance on each social media platform monthly. 

Afternoons are for writing content

Afternoons are my favourite time to get into some proper content writing, whether that be a press release, blog or feature article. It probably helps to have my lunch in me and to not be thinking about food! I usually take lunch at my desk and do some background research and reading at the same time, then plan out the piece identifying key things to include. 

It is important to take into account the target audience, as well as the client's objectives when composing content. I tend to type these at the top of my document as a constant reminder, then delete them when I have finished writing.
What's your story?

Signing off – on content and the day.

Once I’m happy with what I have written, I will get it sense checked by another member of the wonderful Partners PR team. It’s important to get the absolute best out of each piece of work, and some experienced eyes are invaluable! It then goes to the client for review, and hopefully approval, and is ready for the wider world the next morning.  

My workday finishes early afternoon when I go and collect my son from school and have to transform into a Pokémon enthusiast and battle companion! 

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