How to do PR well in the Post Covid world

22/09/2021 13:00:47
For many businesses the past 18 months has been a huge challenge as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Some have suffered quite badly whilst others have thrived, and some may now be struggling to meet high customer demand due to a shortage of skilled staff or supply chain issues.

However your business has coped, it’s even more important that you remain relevant and visible  - and good PR is the key.

Businesses had to react and adapt their marketing strategies to tackle the COVID-19 crisis.  Some scaled back, others cut budgets altogether, whilst the brave and bold invested to keep their profile high and gain market share.

It’s proven that businesses who actively engage in marketing and strategic communication are more likely to grow and will come out the other side of a crisis stronger.

The value of PR is its ability to shape perceptions and build credibility and trust.  Who doesn’t want to buy from, or even build, a brand that you can trust?

So how do you make sure your PR delivers?

Be where your customers are

Being where your customers are is vital. The digital shift since COVID-19 has been rapid, as more and more people have become increasingly reliant on digital communications, often looking online first for their source of news and information.  

It’s so important that your PR has a strong presence offline and online, and that means targeting newspapers, trade magazines and other media outlets with a view to achieving coverage particularly on their websites and social media channels.

Online news

Communicate directly to your target audience

Third party accreditation from the media and other influencers is crucial but it’s equally important to control and communicate your key messages through your own media outlets. Remember to use your ‘owned media’ – your website, social media accounts, videos, emarketing and the blogs you create to bring your story to more people, expand your reach and grow your engagement.


Always provide value

Present your story in a way that demonstrates added value or solutions. People become more receptive to messages that solve their problems, help them learn something new or inspire them despite the fear and uncertainty that COVID-19 brings. By providing value, you connect not only with your prospects and customers. You also build trust.

You may think that the media is always looking for the negatives but they are receptive to positive and uplifting stories too, so don’t be shy about sharing your business successes, community support programmes or good deeds. Doing these makes you stand out and humanizes your brand.


Beyond media relations

Gone are the days when public relations was all about media relations and getting the latest press release printed in the newspapers. It has evolved to include a gamut of additional offerings. Businesses will have to include crisis communications, content marketing, stakeholder management, community outreach, smart storytelling and more in their PR strategy to make a positive impact.

The post pandemic world will demand that your business is human, kind, compassionate and purpose-driven. Now more than ever, public relations plays a crucial role in differentiating your business, increasing your market share and telling your story. 
The power of story telling

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