Dianne Burke“The session was perfectly tailored to meet the needs of the firm and each of the people involved. We learned a great deal and Karen worked with us to devise a meaningful plan of action.”

Dianne Burke  
Partner and Chair   

Strategic social media support for Hartlaw LLP

The Brief

Social mediaHartlaw is a Wetherby-based multi-service law firm, with a Yorkshire-wide client base.
With some team members already using social media, Hartlaw was keen to explore the potential value of incorporating social networking more widely into marketing communications activity, and to better understand how to use it strategically and effectively.
They invited us to deliver a workshop for members of the senior team that would ‘demystify’ social networking, enable them to assess its value to the firm, help them understand the jargon and show them how to use the most relevant platforms.

The Campaign

The workshop was designed specifically to help the Hartlaw team think through if and how they could use social networks more widely to help fulfil their business goals.
The session covered strategy-setting alongside an overview of the main social networks, looking specifically at the potential benefits of each channel to Hartlaw and its target audiences.
It also covered content strategy development, tone of voice and blogging, as well as practical ‘how to’ guides, tips and advice.

The Services

Social media essentials
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The Results

headway-5QgIuuBxKwM-unsplash.jpgThe team said that the workshop helped them better understand the value of social networks; reinforced some of the things they were already doing; and gave them valuable tips and best practice advice for effective social networking:

“The session was perfectly tailored to meet the needs of the firm and each of the people involved. We learned a great deal and Karen worked with us to devise a meaningful plan of action.”

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