Getting the Pro-Development team thinking differently

The Brief

The Pro-Development team believes that if you want to grow your business, you need to grow your people. Their vision is to inspire business owners and teams to improve the way the business works at every level by engaging and developing their people.

The Campaign

Pro-Development approached us to run a Partners Pathfinder workshop that would help them look strategically at their existing communications activity, hone their message – particularly for their innovative management development programme – and inject some new ideas into their marketing mix.

The Services

Partners Pathfinder
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The Results

Within weeks of completing the Pathfinder, the Pro-Development team had created a new promotional video, had three press releases published in the media and written several powerful case studies. They also changed the way they present the management development programme, which got people talking about it and helped to make it memorable.
Owner Michelle Mook said: “The Partners Pathfinder gave us time to step out of the day-to-day and has given us a different, structured and more intelligent approach to our communications. You’ve really got us thinking differently, and you gave us so many great ideas and actions that we could use straight away.
“You very quickly got to grips with our business and exactly what we’re about, then you expertly guided us, advised us and supported us; you helped us to shape our thinking, gave our communications focus and tailored your ideas specifically to our business and goals. Thank you.”