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28/04/2020 14:37:03

Greg Wright, Yorkshire PostWe've been talking to journalists and editors about the current news agenda, the kind of content they are looking for, and how they are adjusting to working in lockdown.

Here, Greg Wright, deputy business editor of the Yorkshire Post, shares his insights into lockdown life and what the business team is looking for.

What does your working day look like in lockdown?
I'm working from the study of our home in the heart of Ilkley, so it is very different from the newsroom in Leeds. The town is eerily silent and I've got superb views of Beamsley Beacon. I send a list of the stories I am working on to Mark and all my colleagues and then we decide where we will place them in the paper and post them online.
What are the things that keep you motivated whilst working from home?
It's always great to hear from people via email or social media who provide ideas for stories and feedback on our articles. I still get a buzz when the paper drops though the letter box. The paper is produced by talented professionals working in their spare bedrooms and studies around Yorkshire. It's an incredible team effort.
How are you keeping in touch with colleagues?
We stay in touch via regular video links and also email and Whatsapp. The lockdown makes you really value all forms of human contact.
How are you conducting interviews?
Exclusively over the phone. The world feels slightly less frenetic, so it's nice to chat to somebody while listening to birdsong or the gentle hum of traffic outside. In general. I find people are very keen to spread positive messages and focus on the world after the lockdown ends. 
What is the best way for businesses to contact you with news and views?
Drop me a line at We have a strong demand for business stories about companies of all sizes and across all sectors.
How far ahead are you planning?
We plan our coverage several weeks in advance, so we are looking for features and profile ideas to keep us busy over spring and well into summer. 
Which features are you running regularly, and what do you need for each?
We have a strong need for profile interviews for Business Tuesday (a 950 word feature looking at a single personality) and also for the new Weekend interview, which goes in Saturday's paper and is a key element of our strategy to keep boosting sales. We also need submissions for Voices (750 word first person piece with image) My Passion (500 words with wide image) and On the Spot. My Passion is all about your passion outside the world of work. 
How are you balancing covid-related news with non-covid related news?
It's very important to shine the spotlight on the wonderful work of companies that are helping to tackle the pandemic, but we also welcome general business stories. Firms are still growing and innovating in a wide range of sectors and it's extremely important that our coverage reflects that. 
It is proving more difficult to get professional photography specific to stories because of social distancing rules. What is the best advice you can give for providing accompanying images?
We understand the constraints imposed by the lockdown but welcome library images to support stories. You can always take images yourself and submit them while in lockdown - you may discover hidden photographic talents! 
What can we all do/not do to support journalists at the Yorkshire Post?
The best way to support us is to subscribe/advertise with The Yorkshire Post! We are proud to serve the great county of Yorkshire. We need the support of Yorkshire people more than ever. We are determined to continue to speak up fearlessly on behalf of our region on issues that might be neglected by the Westminster bubble. Please do #buyapaper and don't hesitate to contact us about the issues that matter to you.

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