Free guide to media relations during COVID-19

28/04/2020 16:34:19
A Guide to media relations during COVID-19Communicating during the current crisis has its challenges, yet it is more important than ever. As we have mentioned before on the blog; businesses need to continue to look outwards, carry on talking and using the most effective ways of reaching the people who matter.

In fact, a recent study from data, insights and consulting company Kantar indicated that audiences could be more present than ever, with web browsing up by 70% and social media usage up by 61% since the coronavirus pandemic started.

We know that COVID-19 is changing the face of many businesses. But what effect has it had on the UK media so far? What are they reporting and, most importantly, how are they doing it?

The Partners team have worked together to create a guide to media relations during the COVID-19 crisis. We hope you find it useful. You can download this and our other free guides from our resources page.

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