What PR can do for my business

What has PR ever done for us?

22/03/2018 12:28:12
There’s a question we get asked in PR. A lot. And that question is: ‘What can PR do for my business?
PR has a reputation for being ‘a bit woolly’ and hard to quantify. How do you measure the benefits of a positive story about your business appearing online or in a newspaper or magazine? How do you quantify the value of speaking at an event? How do you know that anyone even heard your radio interview, let alone did something as a result of hearing it? How do you find out whether people are changing their behaviour towards your business as a result of PR activity?

Measuring the value of PR

We’ve heard it many times over our 30 years in business: ‘My story was in the paper and I didn’t get a single enquiry. What has PR done for my business?’ For us, that conversation is reminiscent of John Cleese and the Monty Python’s Life of Brian ‘What have the Romans ever done for us?’ scene.
Because the fact is, it’s getting much easier to see and measure what PR is doing for your business. PR is so much more than ‘a story in a newspaper’, and it’s becoming more entwined than ever before with wider marketing communications. PR is telling the story of your business, regularly and consistently, on the traditional and digital platforms that will engage the people who matter to you, and that engagement can be tracked and measured – particularly when it comes to driving web traffic.
By understanding what you want PR to achieve for your business and then telling its story, shaping its brand image, building its reputation among the right people and encouraging positive engagement, the right results WILL follow.

Delivering results through effective, strategic PR

We’re hearing it from clients all the time. Our work is helping them attract new staff and customers, reduce recruitment costs, drive website enquiriesestablish their brandgrow their business and deliver successful acquisitions – among other things.
By helping those clients find great stories about their businesses, tailoring them for different audiences, putting the right support materials in place and telling the stories across relevant communication channels, we are delivering results that are helping those businesses achieve their strategic objectives.
PR isn’t a direct sales tool. If you want to generate sales leads, fast, hit the phones or employ a salesperson. But if, over the next six to twelve months you want to take control of the message around your organisation and enjoy the kind of tangible results that great communication delivers, then maybe it’s time we had a chat? And if you’re still sceptical, let’s try the Monty Python approach:
“All right, but apart from attracting new customers and staff, reducing recruitment costs, driving website enquiries, establishing our brand, growing our business, attracting potential buyers and delivering successful acquisitions...what has PR ever done for us?”