A compelling case for case studies

A compelling case for case studies

27/02/2020 15:18:41
Case studies have long been an integral part of marketing strategies, and for good reason. When done well, they are the most powerful and cost-effective marketing tool there is out there to help tell your stories and give evidence of successes.
Unlike some marketing activities, which are gone in an instant, case studies have longevity. They also have many applications which helps reach wider audiences and can make your budget go further.

What is a case study?


Case studies are an in-depth review of something within a real-life context. They explain how a product or service has provided a solution to a problem. They help you demonstrate your product or service’s values as well as explaining what they do. You will usually include a third-party experience of your product or service, which adds credibility to your piece.
They should be a good mix of written and visual content that is easy to digest and there should be clearly defined user journeys that direct the reader to the next steps. 


Sharing successes


Case studies are also a great way to document a successful experience and will provide information to give credibility for future projects. Give them to your sales team. They will instantly bring to life the work you do. It will give reassurance to prospective customers and illustrate your company’s capabilities.


Extending reach


One of the many beauties of case studies is that they can be repurposed for many different uses. They can also be used within other marketing activities such as sales presentations, thought leadership pieces, or can be included in social media posts. 
Put them on your website. In fact, put them on your home page. And share them. Then write a blog post about your case study (yes, that’s a thing too) and share it. Make a video of your case study and then, yup, you guessed it, share away! Newsletters, e-shots, advertising, even email signatures, add a case study….and share!


Giving SEO a boost


Giving SEO a boostTo rank well your website needs good content above all else. Well written and structured case studies are great content that will not only help your website's SEO performance but also help your company’s reputation and to build trust with your potential clients. The content will also help potential clients find your business online.
To get the most out of your case studies you should have a clear strategy in place, know what keywords you want to target and be prepared to market them further than just putting them on your website before you even start creating them. 


Delivering results


We know case studies work – we have had clients tell us that they have won new business on the back of case studies that have appeared in the media. The key to getting results from your case studies is to ensure they are well researched, expertly crafted, well targeted and distributed in the right places. 

Getting started


If you’re looking for an effective marketing tool, with longevity and that is cost effective, then you should give case studies a whirl. Always aim for quality over quantity - a couple of really strong case studies will perform a lot better than lots of poor ones. And don’t forget to make them easy to share. 

If you need a hand with researching, crafting, repurposing or shouting about your case studies, then we are here to help. Get in touch and tell us about all the real-life successes you’ve been achieving.


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